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Keely Taylor

TMT Keely Tree diagram

Keely is no longer doing private family tree work.

If you are an existing client, please contact her by email for an update.

Genealogy is addictive; it starts as a hobby, takes up more and more of your time, until you realise that you’d rather do research than almost anything else. I first became interested in 1982 (pre-computer and pre-internet!) when my grandparents had their Golden Wedding party, and a number of relatives I’d never heard of came along. I started drawing a very basic family tree to try to make sense of how these people were related to me, and I never really stopped. After 20 years or so, I did a little research for a couple of friends, and had a revelation – other people’s ancestors were far more interesting than my own! (Apart from a gruesome murder in London in 1860, my ancestors are fairly ordinary).

Unfortunately, I am not taking on any new private family tree work. But if you’re an existing client, please drop me a line for an update.

Taylor Made Trees

Personal Assistant Services

A part-time or occasional PA can transform your business from chaos to calm.

Love what you do but hate the paperwork? Need to focus on your passion, skill or talent – the thing that clients pay you for – but find you’re spending too much time on admin, filing, and chasing invoices? You need a Keely!

Support services

I provide a lifeline for your business by dealing with the boring but essential stuff, letting you grow your business and work with your clients knowing that all your back office functions are running smoothly.

These include: typing, proof-reading, database creation and management, mailshots (electronic and paper), event management, marketing administration, filing and decluttering, bookkeeping, credit control.

It’s time to get your life in order

My idea of a good time is organising and sorting out a mess, proof-reading a long report or phoning your customers to ask them to pay up (in a polite and friendly manner, of course!)